Nigeria vs India 99:1 …. The true story

Growing up as a child you might have come across the fascinating story about Nigeria vs India that ended 99:1.

This tale is notoriously popular in cities across the country,  some of us heard it from our seniors, teachers, uncles and even our parents,

so we all believed it to be true. However, for the sake of clarity, it should be of note that this fantasy match never happened, yes!  The score of 99:1 is fake, Nigerian team been unable to kick the ball because it was turning into lions, dragons and stones is all false and no atom of truth in it, the story that the Indians agreed to concede defeat only if Nigeria could score a goal, even the story that Samuel Okwaraji scored the winning goal and lost his life in the process is so not true, lastly the believe that India was banned by FIFA from football because they were using black magic was all lies.

Let me begin first by saying Nigeria has never played India in any international football match, India was never banned for using black magic in football and they have never qualified for world cup. Although Samuel Okwaraji died in the pitch while playing for Nigeria, but it was not against India it was against Angola in (AFCON) qualifiers.

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