Introducing TECNO Latest Power-Focused Smartphone with Incredible 96 Hours Battery Life

In accordance with its well-defined status quo in consistently delivering quality products to its consumers, Africa’s leading smartphone maker,  Mobile recently launched a smartphone duo called Pouvoir 2 and Pouvoir 2 Pro, a continuation of its power series started last year.

The Pouvoir 2 and Pouvoir 2 Pro are revolutionary smartphones and serve as substantial upgrades from its predecessors within the subset of TECNO smartphones.

👉 The Pouvoir 2 comes with a 2GB RAM

👉 The Pouvoir 2 Pro has 3GB RAM for seamless usage of apps on the device concurrently.

However, both devices come with 4G connectivity, 6.0 HD screen, a sleek design of 167g with 3.8 visual thickness and 16GB ROM internal storage.

The Pouvoir 2 dons an 8MP front-facing camera and a rear camera with 13MP while the Pouvoir 2 Pro sports a 13MP front-facing camera and a rear camera of 13MP.

Most importantly, the Pouvoir 2 and Pouvoir 2 Pro come with an impeccably crafted 5000mAh batterythat is guaranteed to gift the user 96 hours of normal usage which is equivalent to 4 days of non-stop fun.

With the introduction of the Pouvoir 2 and Pouvoir 2 Pro into the Nigerian market, we are reminded that TECNO Mobile will continue to remain Africa’s leading smartphone maker despite being in a stiffly competitive market.

The Pouvoir 2 smartphone is available in retail outlets across Nigeria with a starting price of N46,000.

For more information, Visit TECNO Mobile Nigeria Website

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