YSN Fab – Thru The Thunder


YSN Fab – Thru The Thunder

YSN Fab – Thru The Thunder MP3 DOWNLOAD

Talented and renowned international rapper has just released a brand new single titled “Thru The Thunder“. As one of his top tracks this year, the song conveys its own unique style of intensity and power.

The hard-hitting lyrics give the track a direct yet catchy feel that makes it easy for any listener to relate. From the first verse to the bridge and chorus, YSN Fab never misses a beat and continues to prove why he's considered one of the world's most skilled and sought-after musical talents.

Produced with a wide array of sound equipment and technology, ‘Thru The Thunder' is an adrenaline-inducing cut that is sure to satiate the collective appetite of rap fans everywhere. Blast it on your speakers or stream it online to get a full and complete experience that would captivate the most discerning ear.