YSN Fab – Thru The Thunder


YSN Fab – Thru The Thunder

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Rising to worldwide fame, next generation Hip Hop artist dropped his new single, “Thru The Thunder“.

A distinctly dynamic sound to which no two Hip Hop fans could be the same, the audience were elated to feel a synergy upon first listening to the track. Furthermore, this single is part of YSN Fab‘s tape for the year 2023, a much awaited project by Hip Hop fans all over the world.

Its electrifying beats and intense flow of words make up the single's strong lasting power that elevates YSN Fab‘s distinct form of Hip Hop. The song's lyrics have something to say, a strong presence of the artist's well crafted raps filled with the life events of YSN Fab, culminating in an authentic music piece.

Listeners are guaranteed to enjoy a different level of Hip Hop music experience with this one. Give it a listen today!