Lil Bean – Distant


Lil Bean – Distant

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Lil Bean, a name steeped in international stardom, has released a new song titled “Distant “. It is the latest release from the hit artist for 2023.

The record itself is an impressive blend of various genres and sounds, while staying true to the usual hints of soft melodies created by Lil Bean. “Distant ” is sure to please your ear drums with its harmonic strings and melodic tune.

The track demonstrates Lil Bean’s immense range and ability to captivate any music enthusiast with ease. Also, it’s a sure attempt at re-uniting the world through music, as it has already made waves around the globe even before its official drop.

Grab your headphones, move your feet and put those worries away! Listen, Share, and Enjoy the magical experience that is “Distant“.