Movie: Jurassic Revival (2022)

Jurassic Revival (2022) Download MP4

Jurassic Revival (2022) Download MP4

Decades ago, a massive meteorite landed on a remote island, and a scientific expedition team went to explore the mystery. However, they were attacked by the prehistoric overlord, a T-Rex and the entire team was wiped out.

Years later, countless people still want to unravel the secrets of the meteorite. A team of mercenaries from a mysterious group is hired to accompany and coerce female scientists and demolition experts to explore the island, witnessing the resurrection of the overlord of the food chain…

Jurassic Revival

Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction
Release: 2022-05-29
Stars: Chang Haibo, Huang Wanting, Yang Qiyu
Duration: 71 min
Director: Cong Zhao