Wiz Khalifa Chimes In With Sensible Opinion On Old Vs. New Hip-Hop Discussion


Wiz Khalifa Chimes In With Sensible Opinion On Old Vs. New Hip-Hop Discussion

Wiz Khalifa adds his two cents in the old rapper vs. new rapper debate.

The debate over old rappers vs. new rappers has been going on for a minute at this point. A lot of old rappers (not all) have expressed their dislike towards the new music coming out these days. Whether its over the production or the lack of lyricism, the new generation of rappers are clearly polarizing figures in the rap game. However, Wiz Khalifa thinks the OG’s should embrace the youngins. The rapper took to Instagram to share a PSA to all of the OG’s.

Wiz Khalifa has officially weighed in on the old vs. new generation debate. The rapper explained that he has a lot of love for those who came before him but shared a reminder that the music that came out during their time probably didn’t get the approval of their OGs.

“A lot of these GOATs — these legends that we all love so much. When y’all were like 19, 20, 21, your parents probably thought your music was trash as well. The music that you were listening to and enjoyed, they weren’t trying to get in the studio and compete,” he said. “The crazy thing is a lot of the GOATs and legends now, they have kids that are 16, 17, you know, all the way up to 21, and this is the music that they enjoy.”

Wiz Khalifa reminded everyone that despite hip-hop’s competitive nature, it all boils down to art. Peep the clip below.


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