Fulani Herdsmen Slit A Farmer’s Throat In Benue, Kill Him (Graphic Photos)

Mr Terris Damsa,a director of regulatory affairs at Aritel has taken to Facecook to expresshis dismay after his kinsman was killed by Fulani herdsmen in his farm in Benue state.Below is what he wrote…

‘Another kinsman of mine was slaughtered in his farm. We are peasant farmers in Benue State. The rains are beginning to fall. But when we go to the farms, we are slaughtered. You can see that his throat was slit. He was killed like a chicken. He committed no crime. He was on his ancestral land, on his farm trying to eke out a living, to contribute in his little way to food security of the nation. His wife is now a widow and his children are fatherless. This is the 16th kinsman of mine to be so brutally murdered since January 2018. His name is Amile Tsukwa, aka Newswatch.

The villains, rather than the victims, are the ones being protected and celebrated. There is loud silence at the top echelons of governance and political leadership. And people expect us to keep quiet at the face of the unabated killings, injustice, genocide and ethnic cleansing? We are being murdered daily but they expect us to keep quiet and not even cry? Haba Nigeria! Where are the men and women of conscience and goodwill?’


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