Between Fela And 2face Who Took Nigeria Music Further To The World ?

Without meaning to stir up some sort of supremacy battle between a living and a dead music legend or diminish either of the two, it would be great to know which of them you think took Nigerian music further to the world at large.

As we all know, Fela Kuti is unrivaled when it comes to African music and global dominance. Up until this very moment, his music still airs in clubs of all sorts both in and out of the country. On several occasions, videos of several American stars dancing to his tunes have surfaced and trended on the airspace big time. Fela is indeed a legend.

On the flip side, 2Face Idibia did well to be first African to receive several international awards after singlehandedly changing the face of Nigerian Music back in the days. Since the break of his career, he has largely dominated the foreign music scene, especially with his all-time hit tune, African Queen. He’s also featured revered foreign stars.

These two are undoubtedly legends from two different generations who have projected the image of Nigerian music very well. But one of them surely did so more than the other. Given their musical escapades, who do you think it is???


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