3-week Old Baby Found Alive In Mortuary After Pronounce Dead

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A family in Kiambu is seeking justice after their baby who was pronounced dead at the Kiambu Hospital was later found alive after being taken to the hospital’s mortuary.

The child’s family had already commenced burial plans for the three-week-old baby identified as Ngugi.

Speaking during an interview on K24 on Thursday, the family revealed that they had already dug a grave for Ngugi, but had to quickly cover it after receiving news that their son was still alive.

”The doctor said the baby was dead two days ago at around 4.00pm. So we came and dug the grave as we waited for the baby to be brought home,” said a relative.

The family’s joy was however short-lived after Ngugi was pronounced dead two days later by a doctor at the Gatundu Hospital, where he had been receiving treatment after being transferred from the mortuary.

Ngugi’s family now wants police to intervene and launch investigations into the matter. The family wants action taken against the doctor who had initially pronounced their child dead.

Kiambu Health CeC Joseph Murega said his department in partnership with police in the county had launched investigations into the matter and would soon advise on the way forward.

“We are already investigating and have constituted a committee of senior doctors who will give us details of what happened and get a way forward,” said Murega.


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