10 Reason Why PDP May Win Ekiti Election

The good people of Ekiti State will be going to poll on saturday to elect a new governor.

The contest may be between the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and the main opposition, All Progressives Congress, APC.

Bazenation  Blog therefore highlights 10 reasons why the PDP May emerge victorious.

1. The Popularity Of Fayose; That the Ekiti State Governor is very popular among his people is a fact that can’t be disputed. He is a man loved and cherished by his people. Fayose understands the needs of his people and knows how best to please them. If the troops of supporters behind him is converted into votes, then the party will emerge victorious.

2. The Resolve of PDP to retain the state: As the PDP plans to retain the presidency in 2019, the party is also making conscious efforts to ensure that she doesn’t lose any state currently under its umbrella. This is why the party will put all resources at its disposal to ensure that the APC doesn’t snatch the state from them.

3. The Propaganda of Fayemi Bringing Herdsmen to the state; Some persons in Ekiti have already bought over the propaganda that the candidate of the APC intends to halt the state anti-Open grazing law and allow Herdsmen from President Buhari’s tribe to cause mayhem in the state. Although Fayemi has denied this continually, some persons in the state still believes that He (Fayemi) can do anything to please Buhari including the Herdsmen debacle .

4. The Bad Policies of Fayemi’s First Tenure: Some persons are of the opinion that if Fayemi is given a chance to return, he will bring back some of the alleged harsh and anti-people policies that characterised his first tenure. Those against this are seriously rooting behind the PDP and its candidate.

5. The Stomach Infrastructure of the Fayose Govt: Ordinary citizens of Ekiti State are so endeared to Gov.Fayose chiefly because of its usual stomach infrastructure drive that have seen them receiving tablets of rice, money and other items. As a way of appreciating those kind gestures, many people in Ekiti State will massively vote for Fayose’s anointed candidate who has also vowed to continue with all the policies of his current boss.

6. Constant Criticism of the Buhari Government: Many Nigerians and the good people of Ekiti State are so proud of the courage of Gov.Ayodele Fayose to constantly criticise the bad policies of the Buhari Government. Fayose is seen as the defender of the masses. This has increased his national fame and support base even in his state. Because of this, many Nigerians even outside Ekiti State are already calling on Ekiti People to reward Fayose’s bravery and doggedness by voting for his candidate in Saturday’s election.

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7. Infrastructural Development in Ekiti State: The government of Fayose has recorded some giant strides in the development of infrastructure. The most recent is the commissioned flyover that excited former President Goodluck Jonathan.

8. The failure of the Buhari Govt: The perceived poor performance of the Buhari Government has greatly affected its goodwill across the country even in Ekiti State. Some people now see the possibility of APC taking over Ekiti State as a taboo that mustn’t be allowed to happen.

9. Mobing Up Sentiments; Fayose’s constant attack on the government has earned him massive sympathy about expected vengeance plot against Him. Very recent is the “drama” between him and the police yesterday in the state. As expected, that event has attracted more sympathies to him and his party and some persons have allegedly vowed to now vote for the PDP as a way of fighting back the APC-led federal government who they accuse of being behind the Governor’s latest ordeal.

10. The Resolve of the people to defend their votes: Using so-called federal might to rig the Ekiti governorship election may meet a stiff resistance as the people, especially members of the PDP have been charged to defend their votes even with their lives. If the people keep to this and vote with their lives even on the line, they may eventually fight Prof.Olusola into emerging as the next governor provided they have the decisive majority.

How all these will play out will hopefully be revealed after Saturday’s most crucial election.

What is important is for Ekiti People to be peaceful and law abiding.



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