?Shoot Me in the Head!’ the ?Toronto Suspect Yelled. The ??‍♂Officer ❌Refused

‘?Shoot Me in the Head!’ the ?Toronto Suspect Yelled. The ??‍♂Officer ❌Refused

Get down!” commands the Toronto police officer, his gun raised, his voice firm.

“Kill me!” the man yells in return. His arm is fully extended toward the officer in an aggressive stance.
The officer had a life-or-death decision to make.
Moments earlier, a man allegedly drove a van into multiple pedestrians in a suburb of the Canadian metropolis. Ten people died.
But in this moment, the stakes were clear.
“No! Get down! Get down!” the officer continues.
“I have a gun in my pocket!”
“I don’t care, get down!”
“Get down! Get down or get shot!” the officer yelled.
Shoot me in the head!”
He refused.

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The video of that confrontation between a Toronto police officer and the man was captured on a bystander’s cellphone video that was obtained by CNN partner CTV.
Remarkably, the moment ended peacefully. After the minute-long standoff, the officer finally persuaded the man to lie down on the ground and put his arms behind his back. The officer’s remarkable restraint in the back-and-forth left some American law enforcement analysts shocked.


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